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You get THESE TWO CATALOGS: MARIE's CATALOG: Inside Cover Retail Exclusive pic of Mommy's Girl Holiday Page 1 - Marie with her christmas tree; Pages 2-3 Letter from Marie; Pages 4-5 Cookies & Milk Tiny Tot & Baby Santa; Pages 6-7 Baby Olive Marie ; Pages 8-9 Adora Holiday Belle 2008; Pages 10-11 Ella - Holiday 2008; Pages 12-13 Fairies: Faylinn, Angel Baby Trio & Fiona; Pages 14-15 Tiny Tots: Kissy Under the Mistletoe, Kissy It All Better, Eskimo Kissy, Sealed with a Kissy, Sugar Cookie, Smart Cookie & Christmas Cookie; Pages 16-17 - Chocolate Anyone?, Krackel Tinier Tot, Milk Chocolate Tinier Tot, and Dark Chocolate Tinier Tot; Pages 18-19 Feature the 11 Too Sweets + Peppermint Tinier Tot; Pages 20-21 Baby Olive Marie Magic of Christmas Exclusive - featuring a replica of the dress her daughter Abby work during her Magic of Christmas Tour - also Magic of Christmas Keepsake dressed in Green Satin and Susie Rose Bouquet Tiny Tot Pages 22-23 Adora Belle Poetry in Motion; Pages 24-25 Adora Belle Tutu Cute, Little Things Keepsake, 3 Birthday Blossom Tiny Tots; Pages 26-27 Ciara, Dusty Tiny Tot, Chenille Tiny Tot, Lacey Tiny Tot, Satin Tiny Tot, and Nettie Tiny Tot; Pages 28-29 Mermaid, Tutti and Jacqueneta; Pages 30-31 Friends and Serenity; Pages 32-33 Treehouse dolls and Lily and Tiger Kittens; Pages 34-35 I Love You Baby, Babe, Puddin', Roly Poly and Baby Cakes; Pages 36-37 Adora Bitty Belle Calendar Girls; Pages 38-39 Baby Rosebud and Baby Steiner; Pages 40-41 Osmonds 50th Keepsake and Magic of Christmas CD.
CHARISMA's CATALOG: includes index pages with Kewpies, Candy Fashion, Penny Brite, Artista and Whispering Willow Fairies

$15 shipped US

This is the new FALL 2008 Catalog featuring "The Little Things From A to Z". Chocolate brown catalog featuring lots of new chocolate tasty treats!

$10 shipped US

Marie Osmond 2007 Fall Catalog $10.00 shipped US

All Shook Up
This is the new FALL 2007 Catalog featuring Baby Elvis.

$10 shipped US

Marie Osmond 2007 Catalog $10.00 shipped US

"Becoming Butterflies". This is the new Spring 2007 Catalog featuring Tranquility Butterfly. 37 pages of beautiful doll pics

$10 shipped US

Marie Osmond 2006 Spring Catalog $10 shipped US

This is the new 40 page Spring 2006 Catalog featuring My Friend on the Front.

$10 shipped US

2006 Artista Catalog $10 shipped US

Artista Fall 2006. It features STARLIGHT STARBRIGHT by Donna RuBert on the cover. The 16-page catalog features dolls by the following artists: Kymberli Durden, Jane Pinkstaff, Donna RuBert and Rachel Scott.

$10 shipped US


First Ten Years Sealed $75 shipped in the US

First Ten Years New but Not Sealed $69.99 shipped in the US